1. ASCII breakout now has sound!

    Thu 12 February 2015 By jarv

    Greetings from Berlin Germany! Brandon DeRosier was nice enough to submit a PR to ascii-breakout adding some sound files. Unfortunately HTML5 audio is poor when it comes to cross browser support.

    Like with everything javascript there is a library that helps, in this case I used howler which is a simple way to add audio using an audio sprite. At some point I would like to make it work better on mobile (you can't really control the paddle on a touch screen).


  2. Reddit front-page visualization

    Wed 21 January 2015 By jarv

    Using data from page-watch.com this shows a time-lapse of reddit overnight on January 20th taken at 5minute intervals. This excludes images which is why there are occasional jumps where advertisements are.

  3. page watch

    Tue 20 January 2015 By jarv

    This is probably my last side project before I relocate and start my new job, presenting page-watch. I created it to scratch a personal itch that I had which was I was finding it difficult to track changes on websites that were relatively static with infrequent updates. There are other page monitoring web tools out there, what makes this one different is that it is a) dead simple b) has an rss option.

    If you find it useful I would love to hear what you think, I will hopefully write a follow-up post with more technical details when my life ...

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  4. ascii breakout

    Mon 05 January 2015 By jarv

    Here is my first side-project of the new year ascii-breakout. I always spend way more time than I should on this sort of thing. Source code is available on github if you would like to check it out.

  5. ascii breakout easteregg

    Mon 22 December 2014 By jarv

    After spending way too much time trying different ascii headers on this blog I decided it would be fun to code up a little easter egg. Click on my profile picture above and have fun!

    I'm going to post the source code soon on github but basically all that it is doing is loading the header as json and using canvas for the board. Pretty simple and I think it would be fun to make this work for any arbitrary text.
    More to come soon!

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